Friday, February 1, 2013

January Cure -- Day 23 | Celebrate!

Day 23: February 1
Assignment: Enjoy your first weekend in your "cured" home.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the January Cure and am really happy with the outcomes. I revisited my project list from Day 1 -- crossed off the things that were completed, added and crossed off the additional things that I accomplished, and added some things that I realized I wanted to do through this process.

Project List Update:

Deep clean floors
Clean out/reorganize hall closet

Living Room/Dining Room
Deep clean floors (these are the same ones as the entry)
Deep clean living room
Put away holiday decorations
Reorganize china/booze cabinets
Hang mirror


Deep clean floors (see above)
Deep clean kitchen
Hang NOLA signs above stove
Hang paper towel holder
Purchase/hang light(s) above sink (under cabinet lighting?)
Hang photo canvases

Family Room
Clean out/re-organize DVDs/Blu-rays
Paint shelves

Hang diplomas
Hang guitars
Fix closet doors
Declutter and reorganize books
Declutter and reorganize paperwork

Guest Room

Hang Bosnia photos
Clean out/reorganize closet
Hang mirror


Deep clean bedroom
Reorganize dresser
Print, frame, and hang photo(s)
Clothes and shoe repairs


Deep clean bathroom
Declutter and reorganize under sink cabinet
Purchase/hang new towel rack(s)
Purchase/hang wall cabinet

I'm feeling great about how much I got done over the last month and I am hopeful that the rest of the list will be crossed off sooner rather than later.

As for this weekend, we have lots of fun planned which I report back about soon.