Friday, September 27, 2013

Back on Track

Last Sunday, I posted this on Instagram...

I felt like I needed to re-focus so I re-evaluated my goals. In a few weeks, we are going on a road trip (fun!) and I'm running a 5K with a good friend from high school (super fun!). Side note -- he tried to talk me into running a half marathon but I said no. I would never say never to a half marathon but I want to work on my 5K skills first. My goal is to finish my second 5K in under 40 minutes (Goal #5). I finished my first in 41:55. My friend will probably finish at least 10 minutes faster than me but he told me that he will come back and get me, because "no one gets left behind." 

As for my other four goals, I have been doing well so far on tracking all of my food and fitness and running every other day. I have honestly not been doing great with the water consumption. I have never been one to drink much water, and although I know it is good for me, drinking that much makes me have to pee. All. The. Time. 

That leaves me with my gym goal. I got a great deal on a lifetime 24 Hour Fitness gym membership many years ago. (I only pay $49/year. I know. It was a crazy good deal.) I wanted to set a specific goal to get me to start using it more often. I am getting a bit bored with my walking/running/elliptical cardio so I want to give the stair master a try, as well as a class or two. I know I need to add in more strength training as well. I'm getting there. 

I'm off today and Monday so there is plenty of time for fitness fun this weekend. 
  • Friday (today): 5+ mile walk with my honey at one of our favorite spots.
  • Saturday: Couch-to-5K training and then I may hit up the gym for a new-to-me class. 
  • Sunday: Two friends convinced me to do an epic walk. EPIC. More on this after I do it. Oooooh, a teaser! 

I'll end with sharing a photo from when I made the most of my 1.5-day business trip to our state capitol. I got up at 6 am yesterday for a run/walk and enjoyed this:

California Love.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

Do you celebrate your non-scale victories (NSVs)?

Health cannot be measured by a number. Sure, weight and body mass index can have a place in identifying your health-related goals and can be one set of indicators of our progress. But these measurements are not the end all, be all.

Now, don't get me wrong...I weigh-in daily. Mostly because I love data. I really really like numbers and tracking information. I am also well aware that weighing in daily can be dangerous. Mostly because our weight can fluctuate greatly within a few days and that can cause discouragement. I think that one of the reasons this works for me is that I give non-scale victories (NSVs) just as much, if not more importance as the number on the scale. I also try to look at the bigger picture, not just one moment of success or failure.

Here are some of the NSVs that I am particularly enjoyed throughout the last four months: 
  • I feel better. This is the primary reason I started this journey. I didn't feel good. Now, I feel fantastic after each work out and I eat to feel nourished, not full.
  • Other acknowledge the results. AKA, "You look GOOD!" I see myself everyday so I often don't see the positive change that has taken place in a relatively short amount of time. Sometimes we need the people around us to be our mirrors.
  • I am physically stronger. Let's be honest, in mid-May I could barely run a minute straight. Now I can run 20 minutes straight. It isn't easy but I can do it. 
Who ran for 20-minutes straight? This girl!
  • I have helped others to be healthier. My honey got a FitBit Flex this week and went on a long walk on his day off yesterday. He walked over four miles by himself. Without me! I think that is wonderful.
  • My clothes are too big. This is one of the most obvious, I suppose. I don't have any work pants that fit. I am down at least two sizes in jeans. I am buying medium sized tops. I wore a dress to work yesterday, which I fell in love with while outlet shopping a few months ago and bought even though it was a bit too tight. Now I need to get it altered to a smaller size.
The black dress with a collar that made me swoon. And yes, those are teal heels.

How do you celebrate your NSVs? 

It is incredibly important to celebrate our accomplishments, whether it is a simple pat-yourself-on-the-back-and-then-get-back-to-work or a new outfit (that fits). I would just recommend not rewarding yourself with cake. Try a healthy date night or new work out gear. Bottom line? Don't let those moments pass by without at least a nod in their direction. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Style Cure -- Day 18 - 22 | Better Late Than Never

Oh my, my. I got a bit behind and then I got farther behind and (whoops) I'm still a little behind. Rather than wait until everything is all perfect, I figure I need to just post an update. So here we go! 

Day 18: Monday, August 26
Assignment: Lock In Your Furniture Layout
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This assignment involved thinking about the placement of the furniture in the space chosen for the Style Cure. Some of recommendations were to consider symmetry and flow lines. This day was also just about furniture, not accessories. I took down the current art in our dining room so what remained was our table, chairs and tall bar cabinet.

Day 19: Tuesday, August 27
Assignment: Accessorize & Light Your Room
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We picked up a giant teal floor vase that is now in our dining room. I also added this cool orange serving dish to the middle of our dining room table. It adds a nice pop of color on the white surface (see photo below). I am very happy with the lighting in our dining room (chandelier) and living room (dim-able can lighting and sparkly lamp on side table).

Day 20: Wednesday, August 28
Assignment: Hang Artwork 
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I'm still behind on this one. We still need to choose and print the photos that we want to hang in our dining and living rooms. We do have all of the frames purchased and wall space cleared so once we have the photos printed they have a place to go.

Day 21: Thursday, August 29
Assignment: Take Your After Photos
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I will post better after photos after I have caught up on everything but for now here are photos of our new dining room table and chairs:

I am very happy with how everything is coming together.

Day 22: Friday, August 30
Assignment: Relax and Celebrate!
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Both my honey and I had this Friday off and it was the day our second table top was delivered (Day 17). We utilized that afternoon to take a trip to Ikea to pick up our new chairs, as well as the frames for our soon-to-be-printed photos.

This past Saturday, we hosted our dinner and game night (Day 11). Six of us get together every month or so and it our turn. Our new table worked perfectly for our relaxed evening filled with homemade Indian food*, dominoes, wonderful conversation and a lot of laughs.

*Our feast included the following, all of which I highly recommend: