Sunday, August 18, 2013

Style Cure -- Days 11 - 12 | Party Planning

Day 11: Thursday, August 15
Assignment: Plan a Get-Together and Send Invites
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This one was already completed. Woot. We just so happen to get together with two other couples every month or so for a dinner and game night. We alternate homes and the next evening was ours to host. Soooo, our friends will be coming over on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we will be cooking up a feast of Indian food, and we will most likely play dominoes and Cards Against Humanity.

If you aren't familiar with Cards Against Humanity you should know that it is available for FREE (or already made at Amazon) and is a highly offensive version of Apples to Apples. I recommend that you don't play it with your small, southern mother. Here is an extremely mild sample of what you may encounter:

PS: Our friends are awesome and I look forward to another fabulous evening with them, eating and playing in our re-styled dining room.

Day 12: Friday, August
Assignment: Shop 'til You Drop!
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Well, you don't have to tell me twice! New dining room table purchased. (Check out this previous post for a photo.) Eeeee! (That's my super excited noise.) We got to pick our delivery date and *fingers crossed* our new table will be delivered this upcoming Saturday!

Please keep in mind that I have owned a hand-me-down (1970s?) kitchen table and chairs, given to me by my parents, since college. Don't get me wrong, the table and chairs are in fantastic shape and have served us well but it is time to move on...and up. We wanted to purchase something that is a better fit for our style and now we can donate our old set to a family in need.

Next up...exploring some local stores for dining room chairs. If all else fails, we can also order those online. However, I hope to find some unique, inexpensive options in person. Our new table will seat eight so our plan is still to get four white chairs (that match) and then two sets of two chairs that are different colors. Our goal is to have at least six chairs by the time our friends arrive for our dinner and game night.

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