Thursday, August 22, 2013

Style Cure -- Days 13 - 16 | Playing Catch Up

I should preface with an apology for what I consider to be a fairly boring post. The next post will hopefully include a photo of our new dining room table and some Cuba photos and should be much more engaging. *fingers crossed*

Day 13: Monday, August 19
Assignment: Make some progress on your projects
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Honestly, I haven't done much related to the Style Cure since purchasing our new dining room table. You know what? I'm okay with that. This week has been nutty and work and working out take up most of my time. The things still on my Style Cure to-do list are:

  • Purchase at least six new dining room chairs
  • Choose, print, frame and hang Cuba photos

I'm not too worried. It'll happen.

Day 14: Tuesday, August 20
Assignment: Go with the flow
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Improving the energy floor of our home is something I think about quite a bit and I sort of have a plan for various both our dining room and beyond.

Day 15: Wednesday, August 21
Assignment: Free day! Totally up to you
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Free day? Don't mind if I do.

Day 16: Thursday, August 22
Assignment: Get your room cleared out and ready to paint
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We aren't painting so this one isn't a big deal. However, I did receive a confirmation call that our new dining room table should be delivered Saturday afternoon! We will be moving our current table and chairs to our garage...and hope to donate them to our church's "Extended Family" program. Our church partners with a local shelter to provide furniture, household furnishing, etc. to families transitioning out of homelessness and helps them move. The program and the people are incredible. INCREDIBLE.

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