Friday, April 26, 2013

Cuba, te quiero!

Since I last posted, I went to Cuba! It was amazing.

Let me repeat that. It. Was. AMAZING.

Sunset over Old Havana. View from one of the rooftop bars at our hotel.

I have been asked a lot of questions but I find it challenging to put how incredible the entire experience was into words. Hence the reason for the delay in this post as well. Since words can't quite capture the trip, I decided to share a selection of my favorite photos and I am including captions to provide at least some level of detail.

If you find yourself thinking of specific questions, please please please feel free to post a question (or ten) in a comment section and I will respond as I am able. If I don't know the answer, I'll try my best to point you in the right direction.

Our hotel. SO fancy.
Yes, there are old American cars all over the place.
Life in Old Havana.

Perfume shop. Old Havana.
Strolling down Obispo Street in Old Havana.
Patty-cake and bananas. Old Havana.

One of the restaurants where we consumed mass amounts of rum and food.
All of the food we ate was DELICIOUS.
Pictured above: cheese plate,
chicken with sour orange sauce, black beans and rice,
and a grilled lobster tail. 
Visiting an organic farm.
While 75% of the food consumed in Cuba is imported,
about 65% of the produce is grown within the country.
This farm provides the produce for our hotel.

"Papa Hemingway" daiquiris at Floridita and the bell at his house.
(If he liked you, he would ring the bell and let you in.
If he didn't like you, he would hide.)

Cretin's Corner at the Revolution Museum.
Our tour guide: "We didn't really like Bush."
Us, in unison: "Neither did we!"

Lunch in Piñar del Rio, one of the most beautiful places.
The "Mural de Prehistoria" in Piñar del Rio. Got to love the 1950s.
Visiting with a tobacco farmer.
Piñar del Rio is the "Napa Valley" of tobacco.

Our childfree family enjoyed this sign.
Hotel Nacional, Havana.