Saturday, September 14, 2013

Style Cure -- Day 18 - 22 | Better Late Than Never

Oh my, my. I got a bit behind and then I got farther behind and (whoops) I'm still a little behind. Rather than wait until everything is all perfect, I figure I need to just post an update. So here we go! 

Day 18: Monday, August 26
Assignment: Lock In Your Furniture Layout
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This assignment involved thinking about the placement of the furniture in the space chosen for the Style Cure. Some of recommendations were to consider symmetry and flow lines. This day was also just about furniture, not accessories. I took down the current art in our dining room so what remained was our table, chairs and tall bar cabinet.

Day 19: Tuesday, August 27
Assignment: Accessorize & Light Your Room
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We picked up a giant teal floor vase that is now in our dining room. I also added this cool orange serving dish to the middle of our dining room table. It adds a nice pop of color on the white surface (see photo below). I am very happy with the lighting in our dining room (chandelier) and living room (dim-able can lighting and sparkly lamp on side table).

Day 20: Wednesday, August 28
Assignment: Hang Artwork 
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I'm still behind on this one. We still need to choose and print the photos that we want to hang in our dining and living rooms. We do have all of the frames purchased and wall space cleared so once we have the photos printed they have a place to go.

Day 21: Thursday, August 29
Assignment: Take Your After Photos
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I will post better after photos after I have caught up on everything but for now here are photos of our new dining room table and chairs:

I am very happy with how everything is coming together.

Day 22: Friday, August 30
Assignment: Relax and Celebrate!
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Both my honey and I had this Friday off and it was the day our second table top was delivered (Day 17). We utilized that afternoon to take a trip to Ikea to pick up our new chairs, as well as the frames for our soon-to-be-printed photos.

This past Saturday, we hosted our dinner and game night (Day 11). Six of us get together every month or so and it our turn. Our new table worked perfectly for our relaxed evening filled with homemade Indian food*, dominoes, wonderful conversation and a lot of laughs.

*Our feast included the following, all of which I highly recommend:

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