Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

Do you celebrate your non-scale victories (NSVs)?

Health cannot be measured by a number. Sure, weight and body mass index can have a place in identifying your health-related goals and can be one set of indicators of our progress. But these measurements are not the end all, be all.

Now, don't get me wrong...I weigh-in daily. Mostly because I love data. I really really like numbers and tracking information. I am also well aware that weighing in daily can be dangerous. Mostly because our weight can fluctuate greatly within a few days and that can cause discouragement. I think that one of the reasons this works for me is that I give non-scale victories (NSVs) just as much, if not more importance as the number on the scale. I also try to look at the bigger picture, not just one moment of success or failure.

Here are some of the NSVs that I am particularly enjoyed throughout the last four months: 
  • I feel better. This is the primary reason I started this journey. I didn't feel good. Now, I feel fantastic after each work out and I eat to feel nourished, not full.
  • Other acknowledge the results. AKA, "You look GOOD!" I see myself everyday so I often don't see the positive change that has taken place in a relatively short amount of time. Sometimes we need the people around us to be our mirrors.
  • I am physically stronger. Let's be honest, in mid-May I could barely run a minute straight. Now I can run 20 minutes straight. It isn't easy but I can do it. 
Who ran for 20-minutes straight? This girl!
  • I have helped others to be healthier. My honey got a FitBit Flex this week and went on a long walk on his day off yesterday. He walked over four miles by himself. Without me! I think that is wonderful.
  • My clothes are too big. This is one of the most obvious, I suppose. I don't have any work pants that fit. I am down at least two sizes in jeans. I am buying medium sized tops. I wore a dress to work yesterday, which I fell in love with while outlet shopping a few months ago and bought even though it was a bit too tight. Now I need to get it altered to a smaller size.
The black dress with a collar that made me swoon. And yes, those are teal heels.

How do you celebrate your NSVs? 

It is incredibly important to celebrate our accomplishments, whether it is a simple pat-yourself-on-the-back-and-then-get-back-to-work or a new outfit (that fits). I would just recommend not rewarding yourself with cake. Try a healthy date night or new work out gear. Bottom line? Don't let those moments pass by without at least a nod in their direction. 

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