Friday, June 1, 2012

My Best Idea! (Video)

Soooooo...way back in July, I posted this: Lemon & Lime Ice Cubes.

Soon after, when everyone hopped on the 'pin all the things!' bandwagon, photos from my blog were popping up all up in my Pinterest feed.

It was weird.

Cool, but weird.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I was contacted by an producer asking me if I would be interested in being part of one of their programs, My Best Idea.

My first thought? "I am grossly under qualified."

My second thought? "Um...sure!"

I filmed my piece in our kitchen one day after work (extremely glamorous, I know) and a few weeks later the final product was posted on their website. Look, it is right there!

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  1. Loved it! Such a good idea :-)

  2. Very cool! I know I found your idea on Pinterest and have found so many fun things to try through there. Nice to know you were recognized for this easy, pretty ice cube idea!