Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vamos a ir a Cuba!

We are going to go to Cuba! If it isn't translating well to the interwebs, let me make it clear that I am extremely excited. Not only because I have never been there but also because it has been almost three years since our last international trip (our honeymoon) and we planned this trip almost a year ago. Oh, and it is CUBA! 

Our trip preparation has been primarily focused on getting accustomed to the food and beverages that we will hopefully encounter. 

Practicing our mojito drinking and ceviche and plantains eating.

Alright, we haven't just been drinking and eating. We have also been reading lots of articles and watching programs about Cuba. Which has only increased my excitement. Needless to say, I will be taking LOTS of photos. 

When I tell people about our trip, there are a few questions that come up most often. These include: 

FAQ #1: Is that legal?!?
Answer: Yes. There are some extra steps (for Americans) to go but it is completely legal. You have to fill out paperwork, as part of the "research license" process, but it isn't shared unless asked for when returning to the states. No big deal. We are also going as part of a group through a travel company which makes travel there a lot easier. Our group is only 12 people, all of whom know each other through at least one other person in the group. Once we arrive in Cuba, we have a local guide and an itinerary that is a nice balance of tours and free-time. 

FAQ #2: How are you getting there?!?
Answer: Um...a plane? Isn't that how you would get there? We happen to be flying through Mexico and are spending a few days there on the way. (Side note: I have also never been to Mexico!)

FAQ #3: Are you going to go scuba diving? 
Answer: No. (Seriously, this has been a frequently asked question.)

I will report back, with photos, after our trip!

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  1. That does it! I'm putting on the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack *right now*!

    Have a wonderful trip :-)