Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Enjoying the last day of 2010.

As I sit here, warm and cozy at home, drinking hot tea with an orange cat in my lap and watching season two of Dexter, I find myself reflecting on the last year and feeling extremely grateful.

The major highlight of the year was getting married.  Our wedding on April 3 was the most fun night of my life and our honeymoon in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with day trips to Kortula, Montenegro and Bosnia, was the most enjoyable and memorable trip I have ever taken.  I am so lucky to be married to my favorite person.

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception

First Dance


Our first dance was to Jason Robert Brown's "Grow Old with Me".  I love the song and often have a lyric or two running its way through my head.  It is also a nice summary of my hope for our life together.

Grow old with me
Stay as the days go past
Grow old with me
Some things are meant to last
If you'll agree, heaven might wait
we could delay, our expiration date

Grow old with me
Teach me the words to sing
when my last spring, has finally sprung
Stay for an hour, stay for a day
Stay till we shrink and get wrinkled and gray
Grow old with me, and we'll stay forever young

Grow old with me
Darling let's fossilize
With your blue eyes, and my silver tongue
Don't leave me flat, don't leave me cold
Don't leave me rusted and crusted with mold
Grow old with me, till my final fling is flung
Grow old with me, and we'll stay forever young 

Honeymoon in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Walking the Dubrovnik city walls.
On our way to Buza bar.
The view from Buza bar.
Mostar, Bosnia.
Wedding celebration our last night in Dubrovnik.

This year was full of many celebrations of life and love that I feel blessed to have been a part of - birthdays, weddings and "framily" holidays - but my heart was also heavy with the passing away of my aunt (September) and my uncle (March). 

I started a Project 365 on June 20, my 30th birthday, and I am proud to say that, at over halfway through, I haven't missed a day.  (Knock on wood.)  To see my photos to date, visit that blog at 30/365.

As I bid adieu to 2010, I welcome 2011 with open arms.  I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with close friends (a Hoover House reunion), good food, music and perhaps a game or two.  As for resolutions, I have always found myself setting goals throughout the year and I will try and document my successes and challenges here.

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2011!

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