Thursday, December 23, 2010

Recipe: Sundried Tomato Bruschetta

Sundried Tomato Bruschetta
This is a simple, tasty, healthy, two-bite appetizer.  I have made it for a number of get-togethers and it always goes fast.  Sundried tomatoes can be a bit pricey but one bottle is enough for 2 - 3 batches of this recipe.

6 roma tomatoes, seeded
1/2 cup sundried tomatoes
Big bunch of basil
3-5 cloves of garlic, peeled
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil*
2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Bit of salt and pepper
French bread (the long skinny loaf)
Shredded parmesan cheese (optional)

*You might want to use less olive oil if you are using sundried tomatoes packed in oil. 


1.  Chop garlic and put in a medium sized bowl.  The amount of garlic is based on your preference.  I always use more garlic than less.

2.  Chop tomatoes.  Add to bowl with garlic.

3.  Chop basil.  Add to bowl.

4.  Season with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.  Mix all ingredients together, cover and refrigerate.  Refrigerate for at least 30 - 45 minutes before assembling.

5.  Slice bread and lay out on a large baking sheet.  Toast under a broiler set to high.  They will only need a couple minutes per side.  Keep a close eye on the bread because it can go from not toasted to burnt quickly.  Let cool on baking sheet until ready to assemble.  Also, wait to taste test until after the flavors have had a chance to mingle. 

6. To assemble, pour a tablespoon of bruschetta onto each bread slice.* 

7. (Optional) Sprinkle with shredded parmesan cheese.  (This might be the only time I would chose no cheese over cheese.)

*You can prepare the bruschetta and bread the day before but wait to assemble until you are ready to serve.  Another option is to put out the tomato mixture with a spoon and the bread on the side and let people assemble their own.

Sundried Tomato Bruschetta

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