Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20 Bags in 40 Days

Anyone who has spent longer than a few minutes with me is probably well aware that I thrive off of organizing, planning, and other such detail-oriented tasks.  Although to some I might seem very put together, when I look into my own life and the spaces where I spend time, I sometimes feel surrounded by disorganization.  I am okay with some of that but I have also been thinking about some strategies for making the spaces where I spend time more peaceful.  To me, peaceful spaces are clean and de-cluttered.  

Initially I was going to do a 20/20 challenge. There is more info on that at I am still considering that process at some point but a friend's blog post immediately engaged me in another idea and since I believe goals are easier to achieve with the support of others, I decided to hop on her bandwagon.

My friend, Erin, is planning to get rid of 20 bags in 40 days. 
From Erin's blog post:
"Essentially, you divide your home into areas and one by one, go through those areas cleaning, decluttering, organizing and getting rid of stuff. Even if I don’t get rid of 20 bags, at least my home will be spotless, right?" 

The post that inspired Erin's idea, which is actually 40 bags in 40 days, is on this blog

She is planning to start a week from today, on March 9, so that is my plan as well.  If I did the math correctly, the last day will be Sunday, April 17.  I will post updates here.


  1. Yeah!!! Can't wait to do this with you! I'm going to make up a list tonight (tomorrow maybe?) with areas that need to be cleaned. We have 1 closet for the 3 of us for our clothing, so I feel that may be a 2 day project in and of itself. I hope to complete it on time, while entertaining a 3 year old. :)

  2. I'm going to try and have a list put together by this weekend. I will post it here.

  3. This is a great idea. I go thru our house fairly regularly and donate items every month or every other month throughout the year. It does really help declutter, but it always seems like there is more. How big of bags are we talkin here??
    This might be something I would join in on as well if that is ok with you ladies?

  4. I was thinking about the bag size as well. I think for me it will vary depending on the size of the space and the amount of stuff in it. :)

    Nancy - That would be great if you want to join us!

  5. I was thinking I'd start small, like a Target bag or need to go crazy!

  6. Sounds good, depending on room size is a good indicator. Some rooms will definitely have more to get rid than others. Looking forward to seeing everyone's results.