Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back on Track

Today I decluttered and reorganized our linen closet and our upstairs bathroom.  I have to admit that I didn't actually do a deep clean of the bathroom...I will do that later.  The most exciting part of today's decluttering was realizing I had created room in our linen closet to take out the bottom shelf and fit our vacuum in there.  I always wanted the vacuum to be in this hall closet but it has lived in our office closet because that's where there was room for it.  
Jac humored me by telling me how great and organized the closet looks.  I know this kind of thing isn't as important to him as it is to me and I appreciate his support. 
I forgot to take a before photo but this is the after photo.  Who needs a towel or blanket? 
Linen Closet - After

I have now completed four spaces in the first five days.  As far as bags go: 2 bags of trash, 1 bag of recycling, and 2 bags for donating.  I'm back on track!

Spaces Update:
  1. Downstairs bathroom
  2. Downstairs hallway closet
  3. Living room
  4. Laundry room
  5. Kitchen pantry
  6. Kitchen cupboards
  7. Kitchen (fridge, counters, etc.)
  8. Dining room
  9. Linen closet
  10. Upstairs bathroom
  11. Upstairs bathroom cabinets/drawers
  12. Office bookshelves
  13. Office closet
  14. Office
  15. Bedroom closet
  16. Bedroom nightstands
  17. Bedroom dressers
  18. Bedroom
  19. Downstairs patio and closet
  20. Upstairs balcony and closet


  1. Great job! looks nice.
    Today I went thru our kitchen, and came out with 2 small bags of trash, and one large shopping bag of garage sale/donation.
    So far I have went thru 3 spaces, and have about 6 bags of stuff to get rid of various sizes. Not a bad start.

  2. WOW!!! I LOVE a good, organized linen closet. I'm sad that our apartment does not have one. I mean, what apartment doesn't have a place for towels?? Mine. But I have a huge pantry, so I guess it's a trade off. Anyways, LOVE the linen closet. Our vacuum is in our bathroom next to the toilet. I wish I could put it in your closet. :)