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Project 365: 17 | Tilapia | 07.06.12

Project 365: 17 | Tilapia | 07.06.12

Yesterday, I made a homemade blackened seasoning for fish/chicken. I then used it on tilapia fillets that I served on top of quinoa and topped with a radish and cucumber salsa. It was spicy, healthy and delicious and we are having the leftovers for dinner tonight. My honey is picky about fish -- he loves it raw but cooked is questionable. He enjoyed this as much as I did so I consider that a kitchen success! (Regardless of if he liked it, I would still make this again because it is so yummy.)

Blackened Seasoning for Fish/Chicken (I used half the salt.)
Blackened Tilapia with Radish and Cucumber Salsa (I used extra radish and a whole red pepper.)

Camera: Canon Rebel T1i

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