Monday, July 2, 2012

Project 365: 12 | Pie | 07.01.12

Project 365: 12 | Pie | 07.01.12

Years ago I worked with a middle school student who, during an inclusion activity, was asked the question, "If honesty is the best policy, what's the second best?"

Her answer without any hesitation?



I have been trying to make good life decisions when it comes to food but I couldn't resist a skinny slice of this lemon ice box pie that was served at our good friend's birthday party yesterday.

It was completely worth the time needed on the elliptical to work it back off.

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PS: I've told this pie story before but it was worth repeating.

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  1. I believe this was technically called a "Lemon Ice Box Cake." But as my mother said, there was nothing cake about it.