Sunday, October 7, 2012

And so it begins...Couch to 5K Program

In a moment that can only be described as insanity, I jumped on board with a friend who wants to do a 5K mud run.

In case you don't know me personally, let me make it clear: I don't run. I work out on occasion but I am far from athletic. One time I was asked if I wanted to play pool at a bar. My response, without hesitation was, "I'm not sporty." That is just one example of my level of non-sportiness.

Then I went and signed up to not only run but to run a 5K that includes crawling through mud, climbing walls, and who knows what else.

This particular mud run is female only and non-competitive but, oh my goodness, I still need to train.

I don't like doing things half-assed. I needed to figure out how to give this my best effort. I consulted with Google. Enter Couch to 5K. I downloaded their app on my iPhone and am ready to go.

At least I think I'm ready.

I will begin the program with my first workout tomorrow after work. Good thoughts are welcome and probably very much needed. I will report back on my progress.


  1. Tape your sneakers to your feet - seriously, look this up - the two gals at my gym that did Tough Mudder said they did this so they wouldn't lose their shoes in the mud (and they had to dive into ice-filled dumpsters too...and run through electricity!) a bit of mud will be AWESOME!!! I want to do the 5K where they throw paint at you. ;) Most excellent success to you with the couch to 5K!

    1. Thank you SO much! I can use all the tips, kind words, etc. I can get!