Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project 365: 130-136 | 10.27.12 - 11.02.12

Project 365: 130 | Pumpkins | 10.27.12

This was the extent of our Halloween decorating this year. $2 pumpkins from Trader Joe's. 

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 131 | Lagunitas | 10.28.12

On Sunday afternoon we decided to take an impromptu trip to split beer samplers at two nearby breweries.

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 132 | What was that?! | 10.29.12

Stella Kitty concerned about an outside noise, right after she stole sips of water from my glass and just before I got myself a fresh glass.

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 133 | Trees | 10.30.12

It was nice of the trees behind our house to get all pretty and fall like. They are even more beautifully colorful now. 

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 134 | Pig | 10.31.12

Happy Halloween! I had a meeting out of the office and missed the costume parade. Luckily I got a sneak peek of some of colleagues' outfits, like this pig from Angry Birds. Another colleague was the yellow bird.

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 135 | Scarf | 11.01.12

I celebrated the first day of November by wearing one of my favorite scarves.

Camera: iPhone

Project 365: 136 | Patio | 11.02.12

We went out to eat last night and enjoyed a late afternoon beer on the restaurant patio. Soon after I took this photo we ran into friends and joined them inside. 

Camera: iPhone

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