Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project 365: 137-143 | 11.03.12 - 11.09.12

Project 365: 137 | Mimosas | 11.03.12 

Last Saturday we met our former roommates for brunch and lots of mimosas. 

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Project 365: 138 | Fluids | 11.04.12

This is my only photo from Sunday but I am impressed I even got this one. I woke up in the middle of the night, horribly sick with a stomach bug. I was out of commission Sunday and Monday and, although I was feeling much better, I still felt "off" until later in the week. 

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Project 365: 139 | President | 11.05.12 

I vote-by-mail but usually fill out my ballot the night before the election and then turn it in at a polling place. It makes me feel closer to the process and I wanted an "I Voted." sticker.

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Project 365: 140 | Vote | 11.06.12 

Voting Day! Woot! 

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Project 365: 141 | Celebratory | 11.07.12

We stayed up late on Tuesday night to watch President Obama's speech (yay!) but I went to bed worried about California's Prop 30. First thing Wednesday morning I woke up, checked the news, and was thrilled to learn that Prop 30 had passed! That night I had a belated celebratory drink.

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Project 365: 142 | Boots | 11.08.12

The temperature dropped ~20º over the course of a few days this week and I was happy to have a reason to put on these boots, a pair of leggings, a sweater dress, and a scarf.

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Project 365: 143 | Bag | 11.09.12

With a birthday gift card, I purchased a camera bag insert thingy. It didn't fit into the messenger bag that I already own soooooo I used that as an excuse to buy a new bag. I went to a local store that sells my favorite ones at a discount and this was my favorite. It is made of recycled materials and the camera bag fits perfectly. This will be great for our upcoming trips and it will also be my new work bag.

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