Friday, January 21, 2011

Read More (Resolution #2)

My second resolution of 2011 is to read at least a book a month.

The first book I completed was Daniel Woodrell's, Winter's Bone.  Set in the Ozarks, the story centers around Ree, a 17-year-old hunting down her father who has skipped bail on charges of running meth labs. She must find him in order to ensure that her impoverished family, consisting of her mentally incapacitated mother and younger brothers, retain their home.  It was a powerful and quick read.  I realized how well the author described the Ozark winter environment when I had to put on a sweater.  The film adaptation won the Sundance Film Festival and I want to see it now that I have finished the book. 

My second book of 2011 is Wes Moore's, The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.  I have only read the intro but so far it is an engaging story and I am eager to learn more about the lives of both men.

I have a few other books in my "to read" queue but if anyone has any recommendations, I am making a list of other books I want to read this year.


  1. I have a recommendation I would love to share with you, and I do have the book to lend.

    Nobody Nowhere, by Donna Williams. Have you heard of it?

    "The first of four books in the autobiographical series, Nobody Nowhere is disturbing, eloquent and ticklishly funny. It is an account of a soul of someone who lived the word 'autism' and survived in an unsympathetic environments despite intense inner chaos and incomprehension.
    An international number one bestseller, with 15 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List and published in 20 languages throughout the world, Nobody Nowhere is now also soon to become a Hollywood cinema release film.
    Nobody a moving, gripping, surreal, myth-shattering, but ultimately uplifting book and one that will stay with you as one of the most moving and exceptional works you will ever read. Life, 'normality' and 'reality' will not be the same after you read this book."

  2. I just realized that I never replied to this comment! So sorry. I have a few books to get through right now but thank you so much for the recommendation and I will let you know when I am ready to borrow it. :)