Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To Do: Find Ideas and Inspiration

These are three of my current favorite websites and are filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration.

Daily Challenge sends e-mails every morning with a to-do item that in some way improves your mental, physical and/or emotional health.  Today's challenge is to identify a local place that serves healthy food and to save the information on paper or in your phone.  Easy peasy. 

Foodgawker is exactly what it sounds like -- a place to gawk at (and often drool over) delicious looking dishes and find the associated recipes. I submitted by first photo yesterday so fingers crossed by zucchini & goat cheese rolls make the cut. 

Pinterest is a visual pin board where you can store and share all sorts of fabulous ideas and images from all over the interwebs.  This site warms my organization and list-loving heart.

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