Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Dinner | 2010
Is it just me or did Thanksgiving totally sneak up on us this year?  Maybe it is because, at least in California, the weather was screaming summer until November 1st or so.  Or maybe it is because I have a new job that has kept me busy with not as much time to think about the impending holiday season.  Whatever the reason, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, as per usual, it has me thinking about all the things I have to be grateful for in my life.

Here is a list, in not particular order, of just 20 of the things I am thankful for.  Always.

  1. Love. 
  2. Being married to the love of my life -- my most favorite person ever. 
  3. Family.
  4. Framily -- friends who are family.  Sometimes family are the ones you choose.
  5. A snuggly orange cat named Stella, who is currently keeping my feet warm.
  6. Fabulous friends who are fun and caring and make me laugh so hard and so much. 
  7. Karaoke. 
  8. Music. 
  9. Those who fight for human rights and equality.
  10. Choice.
  11. Photography.  
  12. Art. 
  13. Books.
  14. Living in California. 
  15. The opportunity to do work that makes me feel good.
  16. Days off work. 
  17. Our home.
  18. Access to fresh food. 
  19. Having all of the things I need. 
  20. Having some of the things I want. 

Grateful for what's understood, 
And all that is forgiven; 
We try so hard to be good, 
To lead a life worth living. 
Grateful for each hand we hold
Gathered round this table.

Thanksgiving Song, Mary Chapin Carpenter

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