Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Do: Plan Ahead

I'm a planner.

One of the main reasons I'm a planner is that I know that the time I put into planning saves even more time later. 

And goodness knows, we can all use some extra time later, right?

I came across this website that provides links to all sorts of fabulous, free and printable weekly calendars including menu planners, cleaning calendars and even blog planning sheets.  If I wasn't currently holed up in a hotel room at a work conference, I would be printing a selection of them right now. 

This is for you, fellow planners and planner wannabees:
Free Printable Weekly Calendars


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely a planner too. I just wish I could have some of those print outs on white boards, especially the weekly meal planner, so I can just wipe it down at the end f the week and fill it out again. Right now I have a simple blank white board that I keep my daily to do list, grocery list and bills due list on. Lately it is getting way too crowded!

  2. I was thinking of printing out one of the meal planners, putting it in a pretty frame and voila! DYI whiteboard! I have seen similar ideas on pinterest.com. I can't believe I didn't think about the fact that you can use dry erase markers on glass. We have a little whiteboard on the side of our fridge so we will keep that for a house to do list. :)

  3. I obviously love this. I LOVE to plan ahead. Seriously, I've already planned my birthday for this year, the colors of our new home (that we haven't even bought yet....) and the birth of my child. Due in January. I just got (in the Target dollar bin) a magnetic notepad that has Mon-Sun on it, so I can plan out my week in advance on my fridge. I usually include meals, our plans for the day and birthdays. :) Have fun in your hotel room. Do you get room service? :)