Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House Hunting Terms Defined

This is NOT the house we are currently in escrow to buy.
In celebration of my honey and I being in escrow *fingers crossed*, I wanted to share a list of housing terms and the definitions I have learned through the house hunting process.  Although specific terms may vary, I have learned that all caps and exclamation points are generally not a good thing.

PRICED TO SELL!!!:  It is possible that there are no baseboards, flooring, pipes, toilets, walls, etc.

Unique floor plan: The bathroom window opens into a definitely-not-up-to-code, small sun room with not one, not two, but THREE ceiling fans.

Needs TLC: It may not be ready for you to live in but you can immediately start to grow marijuana in the garage on the handy dandy built-in shelves with overhead fluorescent lights.

Cooling = Other: The windows open.

Low maintenance yard: There is one dirt patch.

With a little work, it will shine again!!!: See "PRICED TO SELL!!!"


  1. hahaa! It's all about speaking their language :-D

  2. Lol! So funny and true! When my hubby and I were looking we were pretty amazed at what people do to their houses. For example, a friend of ours looked at a house with a fairly suspicious basement room that contained a stage... I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

  3. I saw a house posted today where the seller (bank, I think) has not seen the inside and potential buyers cannot see the inside before making an offer. It is going to the highest bidder and will be sold "as is". Scary!