Friday, May 20, 2011

Knock, knock, knockin' on 31's door...

30th birthday card from my boss.

In one month, on June 20, I will be turning 31.

Just over a year ago I posted this article, the first on my Project 365 blog.  I have found that being more mindful of taking a photo a day (often more) has helped me to remain present.  I am still very much a planner (obviously) and usually thinking ahead but the project has definitely challenged me to focus more on now.  Right now. 

A few people have asked me what I plan to do when I finish my Project 365. 

I am not quite sure yet.

Part of me wants to keep doing it. 

Part of me wants to let go. 

Part of me what to start a whole new project or add on a new component to a Project 365. 

One idea I have for a potential "new year" project is to complete 12 different monthly challenges.  Off the top of my head, the challenges might be things such as:

  • Go vegetarian
  • Journal daily
  • No TV/Read more
  • Cook all dinners at home
  • Play guitar/piano daily

I need more ideas.  I would love to hear if you have done something like this and what worked and what was challenging.  If you have any ideas or feedback, please please please share away!

Now I will return to enjoying my last month of being 30.


  1. Another idea I have for you:
    I don't remember the exact wording, but it was something Suze Orman said on Oprah one day when talking about finances. A certain number of days a month spend no money. Nothing, harder than it seems. I will try and look it up to see if I can find more details. But I thought it was a pretty good idea, to really put you in touch with how much you spend. Especially with buying a house, might be a good idea.I like your other ideas, those are all great!

  2. I've been thinking about this since I read it yesterday, and honestly, the ones you suggested just all seem so *big*. But on the other hand, I understand your wanting to do *something*.

    Your 365 project has been great, but I, personally, would tend to shy away from something that had to be done *every day* ... I guess because I'd rather follow my muses and write when I feel like writing and make music when I feel like making music, rather than do either of those things just because *I said I would*. So please... take this with several grains of salt! lol Because maybe *I*m just lazy.

    Cook all dinners at home? What exactly does that mean? NEVER eating dinner out?? hmmm.... No. And likewise no TV? Now I'm not a big TV watcher, but it does have it's place in my life, so I can't imagine that one either! Which leaves, out of your suggestions, going vegetarian.

    I would just say this about that... and I believe you know that I'm a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish) ~ that it was a very challenging time for my husband and I when I suddenly stopped eating meat. We've worked our way through it ~ it's been 7 years now ~ but like I said, challenging. When someone makes that big of a change, it impacts not only them, but their family as well. So just wanted to mention that. It seems that you and your husband enjoy cooking together, and he may not be as excited or understanding about the 'new you' as you are. Just food for thought.

    So... as I haven't had much positive to say up til now, I thought I'd share this blog that I just discovered this evening~ ~also some food for thought. Not buying anything "new" for one year. I think I could actually do that one... I love ebay and thrift stores and making things... altho the materials that I make things out of ~ yeah. Would be interesting.

    Good luck whatever you decide!! I think it's wonderful that you are always trying to improve upon yourself and understand better how you fit in this world :-) xoxo

  3. I like Nancy's idea, too, about having "no spending" days. I know I get a little charge out of it when I realize I haven't spent any money on a given day :-)

  4. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

    I definitely want to chose projects that "push" me beyond my comfort zone but I also want to chose things that are achievable and realistic. It is funny, right after I posted this, I found this:

    I really like the 52 Photo Walks idea. The 100 strangers one would be WAY outside my comfort zone. The scavenger hunt idea is cool, maybe I could develop a list based on requests from friends/family. :)

  5. Those website suggestions do sound like fun~

    Also wanted to say that there could certainly be some tweeking of goals... for instance, cook dinner at home 5 nights a week/ or go vegetarian 3 days a week or something like that :-)

  6. Did I read your blog correctly? I interpreted each of those "projects" as one month out of a 12 month/project year? So, veg for one month, cook all dinners in for one month, no tv for one month, etc.??? I think that's a neat challenge! I remember we talked about this at Jac's birthday, and you'd already found the 52 walks idea by then, but are you still brainstorming this?

  7. Yes, you read correctly! Each "project" would be one month so a total of 12 for the year. I am leaning towards the 52 walks idea but am also open to other ideas for monthly challenges in case I decide to go for it.