Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Cure -- Day 10 | Work on Your Goal Project

Day 10: Tuesday, January 15
Assignment: Put some time and effort into your goal project

Here is a link to the introduction of my goal project: January Cure -- Day 5. I did make a bit of progress on hanging the three framed photos in our guest room today.

When I got home from work I gathered all the materials I will need to hang the frames...

If you can't tell, the materials are: nails, a hammer, a level, a sharpie pen, a tape measure, and parchment paper. (Tape is not pictured but will be needed.)

Then I moved our diplomas (which were hanging where the framed photos will go) into our office. I didn't just put them on the desk either. I actually hung them on the wall. Our framed diplomas only require one nail each so they are much easier to hang than the framed photos...but I still managed to put an extra hole in the wall. (Don't ask.) At first I wanted to take a photo from above, looking down at the frames, but Stella Kitty wouldn't stop photo bombing. She apparently loves sitting on glass frames.

Side note: You may be wondering what she is wearing around her neck. She had surgery about a week and a half ago and was supposed to wear a cone for two weeks. She made it very clear that that wasn't happening. Luckily my brother-in-law told us about inflatable collars. So now she is sporting a stylish, puffy collar until Thursday when she gets her stitches out. 

Back to the framed photos. Here is a better picture of them:

That is the extent of my update for now. I will post more information and photos when they are up on the walls. 

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