Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Cure -- Day 17 | Lighting

Day 17: Thursday, January 24
Assignment: Assess your lighting in your living room and plan improvements

This is an easy assignment because it truly is an assessment one, not project-based. The main three questions are:

  1. Do you rely only on an overhead fixture?
  2. If you have multiple lamps already, do you have the ability to dim them? 
  3. What is the quality of light?

Our current living room lighting is overhead can lights, with a dim switch, and a small sparkly table lamp. We don't have a lot of "surfaces" in our living room, so table lamps aren't really an option.

Here is a photo I took the day we hung up the curtains. It was obviously a sunny day and one of things we love about our house is all of the natural light. You can also sort of see the sparkly lamp between the sliding glass door and the window. 

I think I can also count our dining room light fixture, which I love and is also on a dim switch, as living room lighting because our living and dining rooms flow into each other. Here is a photo: 

Overall, I like our living room lighting although I do think that a floor lamp may be a nice addition. We will someday move in my honey's piano, which is still living at his parents' house, and will definitely work some lighting around that. I am adding the piano move and accompanying lighting to my project list.

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