Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Cure -- Day 6 | Choose a Piece of Artwork to Frame

Day 6: Wednesday, January 9
Assignment: Choose a piece of artwork to frame & get the process started for framing it

I feel like I have this one covered with yesterday's assignment

However, my honey and I were just talking last night about (finally) printing one of our favorite honeymoon (it has been almost three years) photos to frame and hang in our bedroom. I see today's assignment as a sign that we should get a move on with this and I have since ordered a 20x24 print. (For less than $10 and ready for pick up in an hour!) We will explore framing options while running errands this weekend.

The photo is one of the first that we took after arriving in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Our driver from the airport, who also happens to be the owner of the place where we stayed, pulled the car over at one point and insisted that we get out of the car with our camera. I'm so glad he did because we captured this: 

Photography is one of my favorite art forms, which is probably obvious based on yesterday and today's posts. My honey and I also had a nice conversation today about bringing more non-photography art into our home, including some pieces created by my incredibly talented artist honey himself. 

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