Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Cure Update -- Days 12 - 15

Day 12: February 17
Assignment: Declutter Books and Media
  • I went through our DVDs and Blurays on Sunday and put about 20 aside to donate. 20! That made room for all of our movies to fit nicely in one side of our family room entertainment center. 
The ones that made the cut. Don't judge.

  • As for our books, I went through one shelf of the two bookcases in our office and set aside four books for donation. I will get to the other shelves on Friday. Over the past couple years both my honey and I have been reading a lot more digital books so our book clutter isn't too bad. 

Day 13: February 18 and the Weekend of February 19-20
Assignment: Flowers, Bedroom Organization and Cleaning
  • I already mentioned the flower situation in my previous post. We still have the other two bouquets so I picked up a small bunch of calla lilies and split them up into two little vases for our bedroom and guest room. We had friends over on Saturday night so I moved the ones from our bedroom to the bathroom and ended up leaving them there because they fit in quite nicely. 
  • I took care of our bedroom organization and cleaning on Monday. We keep our bedroom fairly neat (because I couldn't sleep otherwise) so it didn't take very long to finish this task. I did take some time to assess the clutter on top of my dresser (how many scented lotions do I need readily available?!) and moved some things around. I also framed the photo from our honeymoon. The frame is perched on my dresser, leaning against the wall until I decide to tackle actually hanging it. It works.

Day 14: February 21
Assignment: Get Papers & Files in Order
  • Our current system is fair at best. I was already out running errands so I stopped by an office supply store to figure out a better system for the papers we need to keep. I also picked up a shredder that now lives near our landing strip. This is another thing that is a work in progress but I will post additional updates. 

Do not put hands, ties or babies in the paper shredder. Noted.

Day 15: February 22
Assignment: Exercise a Little Cord Control
  • This is something that I look to my honey to manage and he does a really good job. Our cords are controlled. 

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