Monday, January 28, 2013

January Cure -- Day 19 | Catch Up & Take a Photo

Day 19: Monday, January 28
Assignment: Catch up on any assignments that still need attention and take an "after" photo of your goal project.

Done and done!

I was busy upon arriving home from work today, preparing for having two of my lady friends over for dinner. (See Day 7 for more info on that.)

Luckily, I finished my goal project on the "Media Fast" day -- Day 11 -- so I didn't feel any pressure to play catch up. (Although I do still need to organize our paperwork. It'll happen.)

I posted my goal project "after" photos with my Day 11 post. Here is one to tide you over, unless you want to click on that Day 11 link above to see more:

Aaaaaaand, now here we are, coasting into the last few days of the January Cure...

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