Friday, January 11, 2013

January Cure --Day 8 | Weekend Chores

Day 8: Friday, January 11...and the Weekend of January 12 & 13
Assignments: Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Find a Recipe and Try It Out

Oh goodness. This is a big one. But we have three days to get it done. Let me break it down.
  • Buy weekly flowers.

    The ones I bought last weekend still look fabulous. I credit both my good choice of a bouquet with sturdy flowers and the fact that our house is roughly the temperature of a meat locker during the winter. Here are the flowers that my honey picked up at the store on Saturday:

Sunday Funday will be dedicated to assignments two and three...
  • Clean Your Kitchen and Declutter/Organize as You Go.
  • Find a Recipe and Make Yourself a Simple, Enjoyable Meal.

    I love meal planning and cooking. I've even done a whole blog post about it. Here it is: Weekly Meal Planning.

    For this Sunday night, I am making one of our a favorite recipes (slow cooker cheese stuffed meatballs) but also a new one (from scratch Caesar salad).

Happy Weekend!

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