Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Cure -- Day 21 | Speed Clean

Day 21: Wednesday, January 30
Assignment: Give your entryway, living room, kitchen and bathroom a quick clean

This assignment is intended to be preparation for the end of the January Cure celebratory get together. Although we aren't having a formal get together this weekend, I still gave this assignment a shot. 

When I read the Day 21 post on Apartment Therapy this morning, I laughed out loud at the part that said, "resists getting distracted..." I am SO easily distracted. However, I am also speedy. Let me take you through the 40ish minutes I spent completing this assignment. 

5:10 pm -- Arrived home from work, unpacked lunch bag & put my lunch dishes in dishwasher, changed into comfy non-work clothes.

5:20 pm -- Cleaned toilet, sprayed counters and sink in bathroom (to be left on for 10 minutes).

5:25 pm -- Put away a few clean dishes from dish drying rack.

5:28 pm -- Distracted by the fact that there were no paper towels sitting on the counter (we still need to hang our paper towel holder, by the way).

5:29 pm -- Went to garage and got two rolls of paper towels. Put one out on the counter and one under the kitchen sink.

5:31 pm -- Took out kitchen and bathroom trash and recycling.

5:32 pm -- Distracted by really weird looking bug on the wall by our recycling bin.

5:33 pm -- Went back inside to get my phone to take a photo of the weird looking bug. Photos:

Weird looking bug.
Seriously, what is that?!

5:34 pm -- Distracted by text from my honey, asking if we need anything from the store, and an e-mail...Returned text and e-mail. 

5:39 pm -- Put away rest of the clean dishes. Except for the wine pour thingy. 

5:42 pm -- Opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass. 

5:44 pm -- Sort mail on our "landing strip." 

5:49 pm -- Clean kitchen counters. 

5:52 pm -- Go back to bathroom to clean counters and sink. 

5:54 pm -- Took a photo of our "green" cleaning products. Photo: 

5:55 pm -- Dusted family room, living room and entryway. 

6:00 pm -- Sat down with the glass of wine from 5:42 pm.  


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    1. Do crickets sometimes have bee bodies? You can't tell via the iPhone photos but its body looked exactly like a bee. Stripes and all. Creepy.