Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Cure -- Day 5 | Select One Project from Your List

Day 5: Tuesday, January 8
Assignment: Select a good project from your list to complete this month and take a few "Before" photos.

I took a look at my list from Day 1 and decided to choose one that I have been putting off but is also on the "smaller" end, as far as projects go. I have a feeling that completing this project may very well lead to crossing one or two other things off the list.

The project I have chosen is: Hang framed Bosnia photos. Here is the before photo of one corner of our guest room. 

Caution: It is a fairly boring room/photo.  

Guest Room -- Before

Now, you may notice some framed photos on the floor. See them there between the cat scratching thingy and the cabinet? Those are three photos that I framed but that I haven't yet hung up on the wall. One reason is that I need to move the diplomas, currently hanging on the wall behind the TV, to our office. The reason our diplomas are hanging in our guest room is not because we want all of our overnight guests to become familiar with our educational accomplishments -- it is because when we originally moved into our house, we had the guest room and office swapped. Although we switched the furniture months and months ago, we haven't yet moved the wall stuff. 

These three photos, taken in Bosnia, are very important to me. I have been to Bosnia three times, twice to Sarajevo, and it remains one of my favorite places. The first time I travelled to Sarajevo, in 1998, I was part of a group that volunteered at a "youth house." (A youth house is basically what an after school program/youth center is here.) In 1998 the youth house was in the basement of a partially bombed out building. By my second trip in 2002, enough money had been raised to build an actual building just for the youth house. These photos were taken by young people who attended the youth house and were sold to raise some of the funds needed. The story behind them is cool and the photos are amazing. I will take close up photos of the prints when I do my project "After" photos. 

The other reason that I haven't hung the photos is because the frames are a more complicated variety -- with multiple little metal hooks on the back. By the way, those little metal hooks are not all attached evenly on the backs. Luckily, there are online tutorials to help with hanging frames onto a wall -- like this one. The materials I will need for this project are: nails, hammer, tape measure, parchment paper, pencil/pen, tape, and a level, all of which we do actually have on hand. I'm going to consolidate the ideas I have found online and will post a tutorial, once those Bosnia photos are (successfully) up on the walls. 

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