Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Cure -- Day 18 | Weekend Chores

Day 18: Friday, January 25 and the weekend of January 26-27
Assignment: Weekend Chore: Weekly Flowers, Living Room Clean Up, & Empty Your Outbox

We did a living room clean last weekend, in preparation for having friends over so I used Friday to catch up on a few other to-do list items. I had the day off work so I had plenty of time to focus on the January Cure.

First, I decluttered and reorganized the under sink cabinet in our bathroom. This was quick and easy because it is the only storage space in that room and we keep it fairly well organized. I did find a use for a little jar thing to hold some small items that often get lost.

Next I did our hall closet, which houses a lot of our bathroom things, such as towels, medicine, etc. It is also where cleaning supplies live, including our vacuum. To tackle it, I started by emptying it out completely, wiping down the shelves, and then organizing everything as it went back in. This declutter and reorganization felt like a huge accomplishment. Here is a photo collage so you can see how it turned out...

As for our outbasket -- I emptied it on Monday so while it was ready to fill up again on Friday, most bathroom/closet clutter went directly to a trash, recycling or donation bag. 

My honey took care of the weekly flowers on his way home from work. He made a good bouquet decision, don't you think? 

Having my honey on board for the January Cure has been critical. We are a good team. For example, while I am writing this post, he is cleaning our stove...because I haven't figured out how to make paella without making a complete mess yet.

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  1. A very nice bouquet decision. Very inspiring, Ms. GeminiCancer cusp baby~ I <3 organized closets!!