Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Cure -- Day 16 | Bathroom

Day 16: Wednesday, January 23
Assignment: Clean and declutter your bathroom cabinets and medicine cabinet

This one is being postponed until my day off on Friday because I just don't have the energy today and we have dinner plans with my parents and a family friend tomorrow night.

However, I do have a few notes to share about this assignment...

We live in a house with one bathroom which works well for the two of us and our orange cat named Stella. (Stella generally doesn't like the bathroom because there are scary things that spray incredibly frightening water in it.) I have to say that having one bathroom is especially nice because that means only one bathroom to clean.

We don't have a medicine cabinet so on Friday I will focus on cleaning and decluttering our:

  • Under sink cabinet - this will be fairly quick
  • Hall closet which houses a lot of our bathroom stuff, including towels, medicine, toiletry extras, etc. - this will be not quite as quick as the under sink cabinet
Updates on this in a few days. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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